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INTEGRATION FOR AFRICA'S ECONOMIC PROSPERITY (A borderless less Africa is the foundation for a competitive market)

Thursday, 4th April 2019
'The African Development bank (Nigeria Country Department) launched the West Africa Economic outlook 2019 at its headquarters in Abuja on the 2/04/2019.

In his opening remarks, Mr Ebrimal Faal, Senior Director Nigeria Country Department emphasized the need for regional integration as the key to Africa's development and prosperity. He further stated that Africa was the fastest growing region after East Asia at 3.5% and that foreign capital inflows were likely to increase. However he noted that migration and youth unemployment were still some of the major challenges faced by the continent.

Now in its 19th year running, the event highlights key economic development achievements, trends and progress of regional economic growth.

Key speakers that were drawn from regional economic policy analysts reiterated the need for Africa's integration for the development and trade among African countries.

The annual event draws participants from the ECOWAS economic policy makers, Africa and members of the diplomatic corp accredited to Nigeria. Ends PD Abuja