1. GENERAL:  All visa applicants for any (types/categories) must provide    the following:

  1. At least 6 (six months) valid passport with enough blank visa pages.
  2. Two most recent identical passport size photos.
  3. A duly filled Uganda visa application form obtainable from visa section.
  4. Photocopies of the 1st and the last pages of applicants passport or renewal page.
  5. Infants / child applications must be submitted with valid travel documents including copy of birth certificate and dully filled visa application forms.  Infants traveling to Uganda must be accompanied by their biological / legal parents.  Child applicants i.e. persons below 18 years must submit express written authority by their biological / legal parents authorizing them to travel to Uganda unaccompanied.
  6. The Mission issues, single entry visas except for Diplomatic / Official passport holders.
  7. Non refundable Visa fees of USD 50
  8. Diplomatic / Official Gratis (Free)
  9. Duration: Takes three (3) working days.


A. Business Visas

  1. See General Information
  2. Introductory letter from Parent Institution (Organization, Company) in Nigeria of the visa applicant.
  3. Copy of valid certificate of Incorporation of the applicants Institution.
  4. Copy of the most recent Bank Statement of the applicant.
  5. Copy of invitation from correspondent Business Partner in Uganda and to provide Certificate of Incorporation i.e. Legal Status in Uganda.
  6. If the business partner in Uganda is a non-Ugandan Citizen, he/she must attach copies of:
  •  Resident permit / work permit,
  •  Certificate of Incorporation of the foreign company in Uganda.

B.    Religious Visas

  1. See General requirements
  2. A letter of introduction from the Church organization of the applicant in Nigeria to be accompanied by a copy of Certificate of Registration, current physical address and contacts.
  3. A copy of invitation letter from host church in Uganda.
  4. Copy of valid certificate of NGO Board Registration of the host church.
  5. Copy of the most recent bank statement of the applicant (not church sponsoring).

C.    Diplomatic / Official Visas

  1. See General requirements
  2. Introductory letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria / Mission concerned.
  3. A letter from the parent Ministry / organization may be useful.
  4. Multiple Entries: for up to (six) 6 months.
  5. Free Gratis Free

D.    Tourist Visas

  1. See General Information
  2. A copy of the most recent Bank Statement.
  3. A copy of (Nigeria Uganda) travel itinerary, (Nigeria Uganda: Return).
  4. Names of tour agent(s) arranging the visit in Nigeria and Uganda.
  • Nigeria
  • Uganda.

E. Student Visa Requirements

  1. Certified copies of academic papers by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Valid and certified clearance from Interpol
  3. Evidence of ability to pay tuition i.e in addition to other visa requirements
  4. Letter of sponsorship with ID, Bank Statement of the sponsor
  5. Valid admission letter
  6. Non-refundable visa fees of USD 50

Note: Any applicant above secondary school must submit copies (authenticated by Education and Foreign Affairs) of their higher school certificates and transcripts.